Clyde Supporters Club

Clyde Supporters Club


This former social club, originally an Edwardian Church built into a tenement, was a much more challenging project than it first appeared, due to the restricted site and its peculiar construction.


  • Next to a busy main road that had to remain open
  • Adjacent attached buildings were occupied
  • Metal framed structure.


Because of the location, Reigart were only permitted to install a safety exclusion zone at a maximum of 2m from the front facade of the building. This meant that during the first phase of the demolition much of the building would have to be dismantled from the inside.

  1. Internal and external scaffolds were erected.
  2. Cranes and man-baskets were used to remove the roof and internal structure.
  3. The building was carefully separated from the adjacent attached properties using manual techniques.
  4. The remaining superstructure was then demolished by machine.
  5. The resultant debris was separated for recycling.

The project was completed on time with no disruption to local traffic.